So because our sitemate is a biggy-wig at the city council of Lichinga, we now have a working mailing address in town. Huzzah!

Laura Melle
Conselho Municipal da Cidade de Lichinga
C.P. 3
Avenida Filipe S. Magaia
Lichinga, Niassa

Just send it to her name to make things simpler, and include some extra chocolate in any package so I can pay the Laura tax (she’s a demanding postmaster).

Also, please keep any packages you do send fairly small and light, as I have to pay customs on what I receive. Currently requesting a resupply of school materials for next year: good pens, sharpies, colored chalk, stickers, are all good. I should be teaching 12th grade bio again, so any cool materials you find for citology and plant and human anatomy would be awesome. And if anyone finds a baby microscope I’ll love you forever.

For myself, good magazines are always welcome, hard candy, Peanut M&Ms, running water, a car and/or small hovercraft (Americaland has those by now, não é?), you know, little things.