Olá de Moçambique! I wanted to make a quick post because tomorrow I bus out to Namaacha (our training village) and I will not have Internet access for at least a week (which is when I will be buying an internet phone). Posting on the blog might (probably) be longer than that.

So, quick review! I’ve been in country now for three days and it’s paradise. The weather is fantabulous – mid-seventies during the day, breezy, sunny, even a little chilly at night. Of course it is still spring here so that will change soon. Peace Corps is putting us up in style for the three-day orientation period. I’m staying at a relatively nice hotel in Maputo with half of the group (there are 71 of us total). The first half of the alphabet is shacked up at a resort along the coast of the Indian Ocean where all of the training sessions are held (the K-Z’s got short-shrift, but we’re obviously cooler and prettier, so no big). Overall, it has been a very limited slice of Mozambican life, and I’m hungry for more.

Orientation has involved the mass dumping of a shit-ton of information onto all of the trainees, meanwhile we’re trying to get to know 71 other volunteers and a dozen staff and soak up as much of Moz as possible and gear up for the move to Namaacha. It’s definitely somewhere past whelming. I am, however, loving every second. Life is so intense and new and interesting right now. It’s exhilarating.

Some important business: I have an update on mailing/care packages. Here is my updated address, slightly different than what I posted previously:

Christopher Smith, PCT
Corpo da Paz
Avenida do Zimbabwe
No. 345
Maputo, Mozambique
C.P. 4398

Only send things here for the next five weeks (through the first week in November), after that it probably won’t get to me before I leave for my permanent site. I will post my new address when I know my new address. For care packages that are a bit larger, it is apparently helpful to put crosses on the box, or phrases like “Jesus saves.” Also never list the value of the items, and if you do have to make note of what’s inside, just say school supplies. Really all I want in training is to here from you all and get updates on life in America (although I wouldn’t mind various treats and magazines). One possible thing to look into – “in-hand bags,” some volunteers mentioned this as a mailing option specifically for books, paper, CDs, or DVDs. I dunno, maybe look into it.

Mkay, so many more stories already, unfortunately not able to post photos yet, miss you all (but really not that terribly yet because we’re staying so busy).