Well it is 3 am, I have just finalized packing/whatnot-ing, and I will be leaving for the PC travel marathon at 4:30 am. Obviously it would be rather pointless to try and sleep now, so I’m gonna blog instead.

I’ve just finished my last week in America for a couple years, and it was damn near perfection. Spent Monday with Mom doing wonderfully enjoyable errand-running. Flew to Austin on Tuesday and immediately met some of my favorite people for a pitcher, followed by the Pixies (it was an alliterative Tuesday, the best kind). The rest of the week was full of lunch dates with amazing people and equally amazing Austin food/coffee/beer. The highlight, however, was a Thursday night sweat-drenched 60s soul-rock Bacchanal at Barbarella, the fantastitude of which is evidenced below:

I am madly in love with this lady, as well as the photographer (courtesy of Liz Wong's Facebook)

So a week of the best America has to offer was unfortunately followed by a weekend full of the thing I possibly loathe most in the world – goodbyes. Way too many goodbyes. They were disguised by a wonderful family party on Sunday, but still, blech, let us not dwell on them.

So now in approximately three hours I board a plane to Philadelphia, meet the 70 people with whom I’m going to live in Africa for over two years, board a bus at 3 am Tuesday to a plane at JFK airport, remain horribly uncomfortable for as much of the 15 hour flight to Johannesburg as possible, switch to shorter discomfort on a flight to Maputo, Mozambique, get shot up with vaccines for three days and start fun-times malaria drugs in the capital, then bus to the town of Namaacha to meet my nova familia and train for three months to be a Peace Corps Volunteer. Hopefully sleep will factor in there somewhere.

While I’m in Namaacha, this will be my mailing address:

Christopher Smith, PCV
Corpo do Paz/U.S. Peace Corps
C.P. 4398
Maputo, Mozambique

Should you be so inclined to send me letters, peanut M&Ms, assorted magazines both high and low class, or central air-conditioning, I will think quite highly of you. (But you should hold off of any larger care packages until I get to site). Also, I hear bubble-y envelopes with biblical verses have less of a chance of content loss than do boxes decorated with pentagrams. More on that after I talk to current volunteers. Also Also, send me your home address (yes you) so I can practice with this crazy pen and paper based mail system (completely nonsensical). Also Also Also, my Skype name is “utaustincj” but I probably will not be available much at all the first few months. Alsoˆ4 I will not get a phone until later in training, more on that when later in training happens.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Oh, except I wanted to show the TV shows I’m bringing to Africa, because they are the best possible representation of America, and you should all watch them now:

Dysfunctional family, space opera, misogyny/nice suits, and Jerri Blank. Perfection.

I also have the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the all-time fave) and a shit-ton of music to keep me sane.

It’s now 4:03 am and I’ve got to run, so Bom dia and tchau America!